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Spotlight Question for Treehouse Treasures USA:

Why is recycling important to your organization?

“Recycling is important to Treehouse Treasures USA for many reasons. Our children’s club A.R.K.K. (Acts of Random Kindness Kids) uses the funds we collect from recycling to further our mission to spread kindness and end bullying in schools. We visit schools, talk about kindness and give "I AM KIND" bracelets to the children that will encourage kind acts. They also take a pledge to be kind:

I pledge to remember that kindness mattersNo matter how big, no matter how slightAn act of kindness changes the worldBecause God sees meAnd my country needs me I pledge to be kind.

Our recycling program builds friendships, awareness and teaches our youth valuable lessons about the variety of materials that can be recycled and helps them develop life long patterns.”

- Treehouse Treasures USA

Planet Green is proud to be a source of fundraising for this caring family and organization. Hearing the story behind our recyclers and their causes sparks our passion to continue to providing this valuable free recycling program.

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You can also support Treehouse Treasures by recycling inkjets on their behalf: